1. Foundations for Molecular Communication: Towards Nanonetworks (Adventurous Research Program), NRF, 06/01/2013~05/31/2016

2. Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center (ERC), NRF, 09/01/2009~02/29/2016

3. Foundations for Autonomous Localization: Towards Unifying Cyber and Physical Systems (Global Research Network Program, Collaboration with Prof. Moe Win at MIT), NRF, 09/01/2011~08/31/2014

4. Vehicular Network Modeling for Intervehicle Communications, KHU, 03/01/2013~02/28/2014

5. Network Interference Control and Multiple-Access Channel Coding for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, NRF, 05/01/2010~04/30/2013

6. Creativity in Mobile Multimedia (BK 21), NRF, 03/01/2009~02/28/2013

7. Cooperative Wireless Localization, LG Electronics, 10/01/2011~09/30/2012

8. Physical-Layer Security for Wireless Networks, MEST, 05/01/2009~04/30/2011

9. Game-Theoretic Cross-layer Design for Wireless Communications, MKE, 03/01/2008~02/28/2011

10. Multihop Relay Digital Fountain MIMO Communication for Next-Generation Wireless Networks, KOSEF, 05/01/2007~02/29/2010

11. MIMO Cooperative Communication and Distributed Space-Time Coding for Next-Generation High-Speed Wireless Networks, KRF, 07/01/2006~06/30/2008

12. Research on Multihop Relay MIMO Wireless Communication Systems, KHU, 03/01/2007~02/29/2008

13. Optimal Antenna Diversity Combining for Cooperative Wireless Communications, KHU, 03/01/2006~02/29/2007

14. Information and Coding Theoretic Aspects of MIMO Systems, KOSEF, 09/01/2004~02/19/2006